The Pocket Selling and Closing Guide

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How to Master the Art of Closing! 

The main purpose of this book is two-fold. First, it is a complete reference book on closing real estate sales. Second, as a Real Estate Agent, it will be your guide to learning scripts, dialogues, and techniques for closing more sales in today's real estate market. This book is not a beginner's or self-help manual; it is a selling and closing Bible. The Pocket Selling & Closing book for Real Estate has been written for those real estate sales people who want to increase their personal selling power by closing more sales. 

Understanding the different types of sales people and what makes great closers can give you a few ideas on what you can do to improve your sales ability. 

We have learned that selling to people the way they want to buy is the single most important element of every super seller's repertoire. 

The Selling & Closing Book for Real Estate Agents will guide you through: 

  • Opening the Sale 
  • Qualifying Prospects 
  • Probing for Needs 
  • Handling Objections 
  • Closing the Sale 
  • Referral Questions 
  • Up Selling Questions 
  • Follow-up 
  • Preparing yourself