The Pocket Prospecting Guide

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Success as a Real Estate Agent begins with a personal evaluation and answers the following three questions: 

  1. What do I want? 
  2. How much do I want? 
  3. What am I willing to pay for it? 

If we can determine what we really want, the answers to questions 2 and 3 are fairly easy. 


Deciding what we want depends on our level of commitment, dedication, and hard for our home sellers and buyers. The Real Estate Industry is a profession where commitment and hard work pay off in a big way. Yet, the same industry, even with all its opportunities, is fraught with heart break and despair.Dedicate Yourself! 

What should be our priority a professional Real Estate Agent? That's easy - PEOPLE 

We are in a PEOPLE business, and our wealth and success comes from focusing on the Real Estate needs of our community 

From a Buyer or Seller side, finding the right agent may be a challenge. Again, we are in a people business selling the American Dream! 

With the Pocket Guide To Real Estate Prospecting, you will get workbooks, planners, letters, and scripts. 

Categories Include: 

  • Sphere of Influence 
  • For Sale By Owner 
  • Prospecting home buyers and sellers on the phone 
  • Prospecting Expired Listings 
  • Farming and Canvassing 
  • Prospecting New Listings 
  • Prospecting SOLD Listings 
  • Relocation Prospecting 
  • Real Estate Investment Scripts