The Pocket Library of Letters II

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Despite the fact that modern technology has made typing letters easier, Real Estate Agents across the USA use this book as a model for their letters, emails, and personal marketing. 

Personal letters contain messages of the utmost importance. This is why they must be worded carefully, especially when you are sending them to your friends and family. 

Here are some tips for writing good Real Estate Letters: 

  • Write the Date at the top but no formal return address (When sending to Friends and Family) 
  • Greet the recipient with their first name, unless you feel you should make it more formal and follow a different format. 
  • Use commas instead of ":" 
  • Close letters that reflect who you are 

You may use letters in this book as they are or addyour own personal touch and make adjustments in them to fit your real estate situation. We are word merchants and we sell words packaged as ideas. Packaged in a certain way, words becomes tools of the Real Estate Industry to communicate images, ideas, and beliefs. Imagine right now holding in your hand the treasure box of great phrases and words. 

The Pocket Library of Letters II includes the following categories 

  • Target Home Buyers and Sellers 
  • Home Seller Letters 
  • Real Estate Listing Letters 
  • Real Estate Follow-up Letters 
  • Real Estate Prospecting Letters 
  • Advertising Letters 
  • Target Real Estate and Home Buyers 
  • Target Expired Listings 
  • For Sale By Owner Letters 
  • Open House Letters 
  • Real Estate Investor Letters 
  • Thank You Letters 
  • Thank You To Home Sellers 
  • Thank You To Business