The Pocket Library of Letters

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Communication, both written and verbal, is the heartbeat of any Real Estate Agent. However when it comes to writing, the most importsnt things seem to be the most difficult to convey in to words. 

Leaving an effective paper trail with potential home buyers and sellers is essential today and adds credibility to your professional Real Estate Career. 

How does one learn this art of written communication that is demanded by your home Buyer or Seller? For me, in the last 30 years of serving the Real Estate Industry, and having to communicate with thousands of customers and clients, it comes down to this - You must have a teachable spirit and willingness to learn! 

As a Real Estate Trainer and Author for the past 30 years, I have compiled from talented Real Estate Brokers across the country and Canada, letters to help you be a more successful Real Estate Agent. 

Real Estate Agents continue to share their success stories by using these letters in other creative prospecting ideas such as - Emails and Postcards. 

Categories and Example Letters in this Book include: 

  • General Prospecting Letter for Real Estate Professionals 
  • Prospecting Letters for For Sale By Owners 
  • Prospecting Expired Listings Letters 
  • Seller Letters 
  • Self Promotion Letters 
  • Thank you and Followup Letters 
  • Real Estate Notes and Postcards 

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