The Pocket Assistants Guide

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Forward If you don't have an assistant you are the assistant! 

Making money means different things to different people. When it comes to being in a "one person business," as all Real Estate Agents are, making money has 2 important factors: one is time and the other is money. 

Everything a Real Estate Agent does must work for them. This is why an assistant plays a very important role as part of your team. You can only do so much. You hesitate to hire an assistant and yet you run 24 hours a day or you've had a bad experience with an assistant and you're back doing everything yourself. 

There is no greater value in business than the hiring of an assistant. They can set you free to enjoy your customers, family, time off, and yourself. Having an assistant is freedom and the only answer for today's Realtor. 

The Pocket Assistant's Guide for Real Estate will guide you in answering the question, "Should I hire an assistant?" It will also guide you through the interview and skill test, pay scale, and job description. The Assistant's Guide will outline the first day on the job, phone skills, organizing strategies, checklists, systems, and much more. 

Every Real Estate Professional should read the Pocket Assistant's Guide!