The Pocket Ad Writer

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This Ad Writer book is not just another great idea, who's time has come. It represents the accumulated effort of those Realtors who's overwhelming desire is to serve their clients. 

This AdWriter book is designed for the Real Estate salesperson that would rather be out listing and selling than writing real estate ads. It is also for the real estate salesperson that enjoys writing ads but every once in a while needs a few ad ideas. 

The layout of the Pocket Ad Writer make for an ease of use formula in writing the best possible ad for the property being marketed. 


Ads Don't Sell Homes...People Do! It's our job as Real Estate Professionals to educate the public that our Real Estate profession has changed dramatically over the past two decades. 

Many real estate sellers still believe that the way to sell their home is to place an ad in the paper or a sign in the lawn and wait for someone to call and buy the home. Not so. If that were true Real Estate Agents would be out of work. 

The Pocket Ad Writer for Real Estate Professionals will instruct you on the style and layout of Real Estate ads. It has over 200,000 headlines and lead-in lines. The Ad Writer will help you incorporate location and price, as well as, inside and outside features into your ad. The Pocket Ad Writer will also give you tips and pointers on photo taking. Other features include pre-written ad samples and a glossary of terms.